We are an organization that has more than 10 years of experience in accompaniment and advisory work with communities and indigenous, afro-descendant, women's and youth organization. During these years, PAS has developed participatory methodologies for the grassroot construction of peace and the defense of human rights.  


Through these methodologies we seek to increase the capacities of communities and organizations for political advocacy, the creation of networks and alliances, risk analysis, and management of their security. We also provide legal advisory, especially in cases related to land restitution or titling and resettlement. Additionally, we conduct peace-building initiatives, business and human rights research, and protection strategies.



Strengthen social subjects to build - together with organizations and social movements - an integral and sustainable peace in Colombia. Our purpose is to increase our country's capacities for collective action, the defense of democracy, and the guarantee of human rights and the Rights of Peoples.

Our Vision

PAS is recognized for its contribution to the construction of peace in Colombia and for the defense of human rights through dialogue in partnership with other actors of the organized civil society.

Our Values

Respect the diversity of gender, generation, ethnicity, and culture.


Recognize democracy and the state of law as bases for the construction of peace.


Respect and defend Human Rights and fundamental freedoms.


Recognize peace as a Human Right.


Opt for a grassroot approach to construct peace.


Consider the communities and their leaders as the protagonists of social and political change.

¿How do we Work?

With a Grassroots Approach


Understood as a collective and participatory construction, which starts from the needs and particularities of the bases from the organizations, communities and partner networks that we work with. This construction feeds on permanent dialogue with partners, allies and other social sectors at the regional, national and international levels. 



With a Differential Approach

We promote joint work and the exchange of knowledge between indigenous communities and organizations, afro-descendants, peasants, women and youth from different regions, which represent all the ethnic and cultural of Colombian society. We seek that all ethnic groups and cultural groups put an end to the inequities and injustices in the relations between genders, generations, and man and nature.

With Peace


Understood as a set of principles, experiences, practices, and guidelines, complementary and articulated with each other. In this framework, PAS and its partners consider that peace is not decreed, it is a social process that is built from the communities, from the victims, and with all sectors of society that opt ​​for the negotiated solution of conflicts. This peace recognizes diversity, is inclusive and integral, is lived daily, and has social justice as a support.

Through Networking


PAS knows that its mission, vision, and ethical principles are shared by other national and international organizations and entities. For this reason, PAS joins efforts with other organizations to develop, empower, and provide sustainability to the actions that we carry out around our three strategic lines.

Our Strategic Partners

A strategic partner is an institution, organization and/or group of people that shares the objectives and political approaches of our organization.  PAS builds with it a working relationship based on trust and contributes politically, technically and financially with the construction of its strategic lines.


Peace Watch Switzerland (PWS) is a Swiss association that organizes international missions to promote a culture of peace, under the principles of solidarity, impartiality and non-violence. PWS sends international observers to regions in conflict, as an effective instrument to guarantee the safety of people or communities at risk.


The partnership between PWS and PAS is based on the common objectives of promoting peace, nonviolence and respect for human rights, as well as supporting civil society movements in their efforts to find peaceful ways of coexistence and prevention of conflicts This alliance is embodied in the agreement "International observation and accompaniment for peace communities", which seeks to complement the training and advocacy work that PAS develops from its Security and Protection line with the presence of international observers.

CoMundo is a Swiss non-governmental organization dedicated to international cooperation through the exchange of proffesionals. Its global framework of action is the strengthening of social movements and / or organizations that work for this purpose.


The purpose of the PAS-CoMundo alliance on the basis of exchange and North-South reciprocity to promote solidarity, participation and justice among peoples, in the perspective of another possible world.

The Swiss-Colombian Working Group (ASK) is a Swiss organization that advocates political incidence, campaigns and cultural events so that the voice of Colombian civil society is heard in Europe in favor of structural changes in Colombia and Switzerland.


In 2010, PAS and ASK made an alliance to defend the communities affected by mega mining.

Protection International (PI) is an international, non-profit organization that provides security management strategies and tools to human rights defenders at risk.


The strategic alliance between PAS and PI is based on the coincidence of interests and objectives, and on trust and willingness to contribute mutually to the strengthening of allies. It is formalized with the signing of a Framework Agreement to launch the "Protection Desk" in Colombia - PDCOL - with coverage in South America, to improve the protection and security of Human Rights Defenders, according to the broad definition established by the European Union. It was first subscribed in February 2009 and renewed both in February and October 2017.  


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