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This division of our organization is oriented towards the protection of the fundamental rights communities have for their permanence in their territories, in a sane environment, with respect for their autonomy, their culture, and their habits.  PAS promotes the defense of the communities’ human and collective rights, amidst grand scale natural resource exploitation done by national and international companies.  We seek to influence the economic development model that is being implemented in Colombia which is bringing serious socio-environmental consequences that generates conflict and prevents the right to live in peace.

To achieve our goals, we accompany and asses communities that are living this problematic. Through political incidence, legal actions, organizational strengthening, and coordinated work with other organizations, our work has managed to change the reality many of these communities live in.  We also specialize in investigating the operations and impacts companies such as Glencore have in Colombia and Latin America.  

​Our work is mainly centered in 3 regions of our country: 

​Department of Cesar:

·         Here we accompany one of the communities that has suffered some of the strongest impacts of mining in their region.  El Hatillo is now in the middle of an involuntary resettlement process due to the contamination of the air in their community.  We also investigate mining operations in the municipalities of El Paso and La Jagua de Ibirico. 

Department of Antioquia:

·         Faced with the threat posed by mining operations in the region, here we work with the Indigenous Organization of Antioquia (OIA) on their political incidence and legal strategies aimed at the permanence of their people on their territories.  Specifically, we work with the La Maria-Marcelino Tascon reserve in the municipality of Valparaiso and keep track of the prior consultation process in the municipality of Frontino.  

Department of Córdoba: 

·         PAS works with the Earth and Land Group of Córdoba (GTTC) in their process of land restitution that includes farmers and indigenous communities that suffered violence and displacement.  

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