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In the midst of armed conflict and isolated conditions, the people we work with have shown great strength to strive and overcome on their journeys for peace and social justice.  These Articles are a glimpse into the lives and minds of those who dream and work for a better country from within their communities.

Voices from our Regions:


Our Work

Valle del Cauca

Since 2014

PAS supports 65 indigenous families that make up the Marcelino Tascon Reserve in the development of legal, political, and social strategies for the defense of their territory, which is faced with the threat of mining in the region. 

Since 2011

PAS has been working with the Indigenous Organization of Antioquia (OIA) in the reformulation and follow-up of the Sacred Sites Campaign, the articulation of the whole OIA movement, and the formation of indigenous communities in legal strategies and parameters relevant to the mining problem.


Since 2014

The community of El Guayabo is at risk due to their struggle to defend their land. PAS works directly with the people affected to strengthen risk evaluation and security management capabilities.

Since 2011

In Cordoba, PAS accompanies the 12 women’s, farmer’s, and indigenous organizations that make up the Earth and Land Group of Cordoba (GTTC). GTTC communities have stood up for their territory against land dispossession/land grabbing and seek the empowerment of communities when it comes to shaping the rural development of the region.  PAS grants legal council to those involved in the process of land restitution and works to strengthen the communities' capabilities in political incidence. 

Since 2010

COCOCAUCA is an alliance of14 community organizations and local councils that defend Human Rights in their territories.  PAS works in the development of capabilities for protection of local institutions.  PAS also works with them and other organizations that make up the Regional Space for Peace (ERPAZ), in the construction of bottom-up peace agendas.



In alliance with the City Hall of Bogotá and other organizations, PAS organized and helped to develop 14 territorial encounters in rural communities and 24 urban and rural peace initiatives.


Since 2011

After 30 years of opencast mining in their region, the community of El Hatillo became the first community in the country to be forcedly displaced by the order of a governmental agency due to environmental reasons.  PAS accompanies the community of El Hatillo to assure a positive resettlement and the reparation of the community due to the damages caused.  PAS also accompanies the strengthening their organizational capabilities and gives legal counseling.


Since 2009

The community of Las Pavas constitutes of farmers, many of which have been victims of forced displacement.  PAS works with them to improve their capabilities in risk evaluation and security management amidst some serious threats due to their struggle to defend their territory from landgrabbing by the palm oil industry. 

Since 2011

The community of El Garzal has historically been a victim of violent persecution due to their defense of their territory.  PAS helps this community manage the threats they are facing.

Network of Peace Initiatives from the Base

Since 2005

In the regions of Cauca, Valle del Cauca, Nariño, Caquetá, Bolívar, Chocó, Antioquia, Córdoba, and Cesar, we work together with the Network of Peace Grassroots Initiatives.  This network unites afro-descendants’, indigenous peoples’, women's, farmer's, and youth organizations for the construction of peace.  PAS supports the dozens of organizations that make up the network in the improvement of their internal structures and in the development of peace agendas from a differential perspective.


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