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For us, peace is the result of a long process that collectively constructs the transformations and social change that is needed in Colombia.  


To accomplish it, it is necessary to offset the structural factors that are at the base of the social and armed conflict that we are living in and create conditions that guarantee the enforcement of human rights, both individually and collectively.  

These processes of peace construction require an agreement between armed parties that puts an end to armed conflict through dialog and mediation.  However, it is also necessary that during this process all actors are involved, predominantly, social organizations that represent the base of society.  

In this context, PAS intends to strengthen political subjects (communities and social organizations) capable of promoting consensus and acting jointly with other social actors through networks and alliances to influence with proposals and actions in these social and political processes of peace construction.  


Methodologically, this means acting from the base.  The process we envision has to recognize and implement local, regional, and sectorial peace initiatives that have been developed by communities in the middle of conflict for years.  This also includes those day to day activities and practices on which the communities have faced armed conflict and built peace.  

During our years working in peace building we have identified our role as a pedagogical exercise which builds upon the knowledge acquired both in areas of conflict and in peace.  It builds upon all the actions and practices that have been developed; it builds upon the empowerment of local and regional processes that allow communities to build peace for and from their territories.  It builds upon a differential and inclusive approach from and inter-ethnic, intercultural, intersectoral and gender perspective.  In the end, all that has been promoted by our actions is aimed at constructing the peace that base communities want to see in Colombia. 



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